Iraqi Refugees

Here's what one respondent said about the difficulties inherent in her profession: She went on to say that she just wants
The U.S. and its coalition partners are providing air and artillery support, and training and logistical services, and have
I run a non-profit called No One Left Behind. I founded it with my brother Janis, the Afghan translator who saved my life
Democratic leaders said the GOP is following the lead of presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Christian advocates are keen on getting recognition that the Christians faced genocide. They think it is the only way to get relief for Iraqi Christians, mainly through resettlement asylum outside the region. They are asking Secretary of State John Kerry to meet with them and hear their argument. It is sad that it has come to this.
Students at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA have come together to tell stories of but a fraction of the struggles faced by Syrian refugees from around the world, in their efforts to escape the atrocities taking place in their home country and make a better life elsewhere.
One can't dispute Republicans' concerns about terrorism's threat to national security, concerns which Democrats fully share, but one can argue how best to proceed -- and impugning Muslim refugees, again, plays into Islamic terrorism's hand.
If we are to view translators in both Iraq and Afghanistan as an integral part of our national security, then we must also combat anti-intellectuals who demand that the Muslim community flash their "moderate Muslim" card every time violence is done under the pretense of Islam.
It was in mid-June that we first started noticing the refugees in Serbia, the people filling up the parks, the bus and train stations, even shopping malls. You did not even have to talk to them to know that they were not tourists, that behind those faces were stories of desperation.