The vice president was called out for "humiliating" Ireland with his comments during his visit.
Richard Painter railed against spending taxpayer money to help the president's personal businesses.
Vice President Mike Pence’s spokesperson insisted the veep isn’t homophobic since Pence is meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who is gay.
The initiative is part of Ireland's climate action plan, which proposed investments in renewable energy, a new carbon tax and a mass tree-planting effort.
James McManus, who represents Ireland in the competition, took up the Argentinean dance when he was in his 80s.
“Celebrate & respect your Irish migrant roots by ending the cruelty & racism of your regime," said one Twitter user.
With an emphasis on farm-to-table and sea-to-fork dining, the Emerald Isle is a foodie haven that can’t be missed.
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There’s no shortage of reasons why Ireland is in season all year long, but here are a few you might not be thinking of.
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Costs mount as the Trump bros boost the president's Irish golf course, troubling ethics experts.
The president refused to visit the capital, Dublin, and instead insisted that the prime minister meet him at or near his Doonbeg golf course on the Atlantic Coast.
He couldn't afford his airfare home during a break in filming "Game Of Thrones," so he embarked on a quest to find the greatest pint of Guinness in Ireland.
A meeting in a Trump hotel is "unseemly" and the choice of venue should be up to Irish leader Leo Varadkar, an Irish government source tells CNN.
The hate-spewing pastor has repeatedly called for the deaths of gay people and prayed for the death of Barack Obama.
Push the boundaries of a traditional vacation by staying in one of Ireland’s many unusual properties.
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Ireland is known for its rich whiskey heritage — get to know the next wave of whiskey makers.
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A report in The New York Times claims that the UFC star sexually assaulted a woman in Ireland.
The vice president of the United States invited Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to bring his partner, Dr. Matt Barrett.
The claim was received Monday by a media outlet in Northern Ireland and contained a recognized codeword used by the group.
Vandals reportedly broke into crypts at Dublin’s St. Michan’s Church over the weekend and wreaked havoc on centuries-old preserved bodies.
The inside scoop to the hidden gems you won’t find in any guidebook — from food to culture and more.
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