Dublin’s Rotunda maternity hospital said it was canceling most routine appointments due to the IT issues, calling the situation a “critical emergency.”
Meet Misneach, one of Michael D. Higgins' two Bernese mountain dogs.
Many moments in my life could be explained by the universe’s magical lottery. But what I have isn’t the result of luck at all.
A report said 9,000 children died in 18 mother-and-baby homes during the 20th century.
Irish Twitter was quick to claim the president-elect – who has family ties to Counties Louth, Derry and Mayo — as one of their own.
The court ruling could cost Subway shops on the Emerald Isle some dough.
The European Commission initially accused Apple of artificially reducing its tax burden for over two decades.
The residents of Dalkey, Ireland, are extra protective of their famous new neighbor.
The "Bourne Identity" star and his family, currently living in Ireland, plan to reunite with the 21-year-old by the end of the month.
Donald Trump's dual roles as a president and a private businessman with his hand out to foreign governments raise ethics concerns.
Residents of Dalkey, Ireland, are proud of their new resident, who came to town for a movie but opted to stick around as stay-at-home restrictions took hold.
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who has a background in medicine, "wanted to help out even in a small way.”
There are plenty of other Irish drinks for St. Patrick's Day.
The decision, made amid coronavirus concerns, came just before people were expected to pack the bars for the national day.
There are already thousands of coronavirus cases — and dozens of deaths — in the U.S., and the major problem is lack of available testing.
Leo Varadkar announces new measures to battle coronavirus.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are wrapping up their three-day tour on Thursday.
The Duchess of Cambridge is giving a whole new meaning to "going green."
Sinn Fein, the party historically linked to the Irish Republican Army, bested centrist parties Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.