The real story is a bit more complicated and not as outrageous as it seems.
If your check was sent but you never got it, you may need to contact the IRS to trace the payment.
The CARES Act promised economic relief from the coronavirus pandemic, but many eligible households still haven't gotten their share.
Unemployment compensation is considered income, and you're responsible for paying taxes on it.
If you’re one of the 20 million eligible taxpayers who has yet to receive a check, you have until Wednesday to give the IRS your bank details online.
How to calculate your payment amount, what to do if you haven't received a check, and more.
It is unclear what the consequences would be if someone refuses to return a deceased person’s coronavirus stimulus payment.
The agency wants about 10,000 “mission-critical” employees to return to work, but says it doesn't have enough protective equipment for all of them.
The Treasury Department ordered the IRS to add President Trump's name to the paper stimulus checks, which is likely to cause a delay in their delivery.
The new online portal is a way for people to give the government bank account information if they don't normally file a federal tax return.