During the 2020 budget year, the IRS processed more than 240 million tax returns, according to the latest IRS data.
Citing HuffPost's reporting, Accountable.US renewed its call for the IRS to investigate if a far-right group is violating rules with its crusade against the "30x30" initiative.
The Biden administration wants more IRS funding to boost tax collection and improve service.
The IRS has investigated more than 660 cases of fraud related to stimulus funds intended to help small businesses and workers affected by the pandemic.
It's easier for the IRS to enforce compliance with the earned income tax credit than to go after high-income tax cheats.
The Trump tax cuts created “opportunity zones” to help poor communities — but some crypto moguls are using the tax credit for low-impact data operations.
“No one should be forced to submit to facial recognition as a condition of accessing essential government services," said Sen. Ron Wyden.
There won't be another round of stimulus payments anytime soon.
The man who once shielded Trump's tax returns has been an ally on social policy and tax enforcement.
An IRS glitch delayed the monthly payment for parents at the heart of Democrats' agenda.