The White House is under pressure to make this a permanent benefit, rather than offer another short-term extension.
Prosecutors say Stone and his wife shielded their income in a commercial entity and used funds they owed the IRS on a "lavish lifestyle" instead.
Payments will be made in monthly increments to parents from July to December, with additional benefits at tax time in 2022.
The IRS said most of the payments will go out on April 7.
The money is hidden through a variety of strategies, including stashing billions of dollars in offshore accounts.
The IRS hasn't received the payment information it requested to send checks to Social Security recipients.
IRS funding cuts are hamstringing the agency, allowing billions of dollars to "slip through its fingers," warns a new report.
The COVID-19 pandemic forced many employees to work from home in 2020, but not everyone can deduct their home office on their taxes.
"Just did my own taxes. Should be in jail by the morning."
The Utah Republican's proposal shows there's bipartisan energy for helping parents.