Cutting funds from the IRS would make it easier for high-earning households to avoid paying taxes.
Cutting IRS funding may make an aid bill easier to pass in the House, but it feeds the dynamic that nearly led to a government shutdown earlier in the year.
Republicans are looking at defunding a free digital tax filing system that's under development by the IRS to instead help pay for weapons for Israel.
A former IRS contractor charged with leaking tax information to news outlets about former Donald Trump and thousands of the country’s wealthiest people pleaded guilty.
The former New York City mayor and Donald Trump ally owes about $550,000 in unpaid income taxes, according to the IRS.
Charles Edward Littlejohn is accused of stealing the tax return information and giving it to two different news outlets between 2018 and 2020.
House Republicans released testimony from IRS whistleblowers that contained details about the president's son's taxes.
A House Oversight Committee hearing turned NSFW when the Georgia Republican held up a poster with naked photos of the president’s son.
Greene made a mockery of what was supposed to be a sober examination of political favoritism in the Justice Department.
The 2024 GOP presidential candidate said he'd "use" the agencies for his anti-"woke" agenda if Congress won't go for wiping them out.