Police said at least three were seriously injured.
The former president addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition.
Israel said it refuses to cooperate with the FBI's investigation into the fatal shooting of Shireen Abu Akleh, an American citizen and Palestinian.
The democratic congresswoman from Michigan refused to go on a trip to Israel after the Jewish State reversed its decision to bar her from entering the country.
The former prime minister and his ultranationalist allies won an election that ended the short-lived, ideologically-diverse government that had ousted him.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on a variety of charges including bribery and fraud.
Netanyahu is expected to form the country’s most right-wing government in history when he takes power, likely in the coming weeks.
Netanyahu, who is on trial for corruption, would be able to battle the charges as prime minister, improving his chances of avoiding conviction or jail time.
Polls have predicted a similar result: stalemate. But a far-right politician has surged in opinion polls recently and could shake things up.
Donald Trump, who has made vile antisemitic remarks in the past, invoked fresh fury with a rant on Truth Social.