On Monday, Martin Adler, 97, met the three siblings — now octogenarians themselves — in person for the first time since the war.
A brutal heat wave in Italy may have yielded the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe.
Pay close attention to the labels, seals, bottle shapes and even the wax-and-cork closures.
The Italian high jumper leapt into his Qatari rival's arms when they decided to split the title.
"With all the fashion designers in Italy you’d think their #Olympics outfit will come harder than this," one Twitter user joked.
Fourteen people were killed when the lead cable of the Mottarone funicular overlooking Lake Maggiore in northern Italy snapped.
Authorities said two children were sent to the hospital after the cable car crashed near the summit of the Mottarone peak overlooking Lake Maggiore.
Researchers also found burned bones and carved stones.
The man reportedly raked in around $645,000 during his unauthorized leave.
The president proved he's serious about addressing Trump-era damage by working closely with allies in withdrawing from Afghanistan, Italy's outgoing ambassador to the U.S. said.