"The weight of the war is on us, along with worry about our children’s future ... All of that will slowly kill your spirit, as surely as a bomb will kill your body."
Italian newspapers were united in their outrage at the surreal outcome, given Italy is dealing with soaring inflation and energy costs, among other issues.
Draghi said he would continue to lead if the coalition members recommitted to a pact of unity that created his government a year ago.
Angel Blue, who is Black, called the "archaic" practice “offensive, humiliating, and outright racist.”
Philip Carroll was taking a precarious selfie when he dropped his phone and fell into the volcano crater trying to retrieve it.
At least seven people were killed, officials said.
Trento Prosecutor Sandro Raimondi said 17 hikers are still missing, local media reported.
A cruise ship almost hit the land in Venice, as it moved through the lagoon under turbulent conditions. Campaigners have previously called for an immediate ban on cruise ships entering the area.
"NOOOOOOOOO!" screamed a headline for the four-time World Cup champions.
Around 50 Ukrainians were on the bus when it overturned on a highway early Sunday, authorities said.