Ivanka Trump

The ex-president talked about his daughter's breasts and "what it might be like to have sex with her," a former Trump administration official writes in a new book.
The former president lamented that his daughter had to step back from her clothing brand when he gave her a job in the White House.
The famed political trickster apparently forgot his mic was on.
The ex-president's daughter and former adviser is catching heat for her emails.
The DOJ's special counsel overseeing the probe into Donald Trump's attempt to stay in power has subpoenaed the ex-president's daughter and son-in-law.
Donald Trump could boost crowd numbers in South Carolina with a new take on the horror film doll, cracked the "Tonight Show" host.
The trio presented a "Haley for vice-president" option to then-President Donald Trump, the former secretary of state suggests in his upcoming memoir.
The late-night host thinks he knows what'll really happen to the ex-president's money.
The former president wrote on his Truth Social platform that he “never asked” the two to be part of his 2024 campaign.