Ivanka Trump

The president's daughter, of course, has no training or background as a scientific expert.
"We're just singing," Kenan Thompson explained when Colin Jost protested on "Weekend Update."
"Peddle your scare tactics elsewhere. The Lincoln Project will not be intimidated by such empty bluster," attorney Matthew Sanderson blasted in a letter.
The GOP anti-Trump group threatens to make its response -- a "civics lesson" on First Amendment rights -- as "painful as possible."
The former president's son said "we’ve got a bunch of grifters in the White House."
Critics questioned the timing -- and sincerity -- of a post by Donald Trump's daughter.
Donald Trump’s daughter said her father had taken “unprecedented” actions to tackle the coronavirus pandemic when others were “not taking it seriously."
The president’s niece wants to know one thing from her relatives.
Speaking to Andy Cohen, Clinton said the current first daughter is "more than complicit" in the Trump administration's "collision of cruelty and incompetence.”