Ivanka Trump

Prince Harry and Jared Kushner also showed up for designer Misha Nonoo's nuptials.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission doesn't want to require large employers to provide data on pay detailed by race, gender.
A number of White House officials and staff have stayed at Trump-owned properties, raising concerns about whether Trump has profited from the presidency.
The relationship between the president and vice president's teams has soured greatly since the GOP’s resounding losses in the 2018 midterms.
Twitter users mock the first daughter after a well-timed breeze gave her dress a bizarre makeover.
Anderson Cooper has used his nightly CNN show to go after President Donald Trump for everything from flip-flopping on tax cuts to his “disloyalty” comment about Jewish Americans.
The CNN host slammed the president's daughter for keeping silent after Trump's anti-Semitic comments.
Critics noted the hypocrisy of President Donald Trump's daughter celebrating nature.
"Perhaps actually saying & doing it out loud would have a bigger impact," suggested the MSNBC host.
Social media users immediately pointed to her father's ban on visitors from Muslim-majority countries.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the first daughter's tweets "nonsense."
"The terrorism is coming from inside the house, the white one," mocked one wag.
If the president wants to see "disgusting" maybe he should check out some of his son-in-law's Maryland apartments.
Donald Trump's daughter toasted Johnson with a widely ridiculed Twitter typo.
New York's corrupt machine is running its own show for House Democrats.
Kim Jong Un and Justin Trudeau also appear in the new Trump-trolling video -- as does the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump.
Anatomy of a resignation: The UK ambassador decided his role was untenable after facing the wrath of Donald Trump.
Top diplomat Kim Darroch called the president's administration a "disgrace" in a batch of leaked memos.