Ivanka Trump

Kushner, an inexperienced "Rasputin in a slim-fitting suit," had no business making critical decisions, writes former White House aide Stephanie Grisham.
She said it was important to understand that Trump’s relationships with his kids are “transactional and conditional.”
Allen Weisselberg is in trouble for collecting "non-employee compensation" while company CFO — similar to a reported arrangement involving Ivanka Trump.
A new CNN report claims Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are distancing themselves from Donald Trump, who can’t seem to move on from the 2020 election.
The late-night host said the former president has grown distant from his own daughter since leaving the White House.
After working for years in the Trump Organization, she apparently couldn't recall Allen Weisselberg has been the company's chief financial officer for decades.
The New York attorney general’s office has expanded its probe into Donald Trump’s business, now saying the ex-president is under criminal investigation.
"I really think that she thought she was complimenting us," the "Empire" star told reality-TV producer Andy Cohen.
Ivanka, Don. Jr and Eric spent more than $140,000 on travel and hotels for their Secret Service protection in the first month of Joe Biden's presidency.
The late-night host has an offer only they can refuse.