Jake Tapper

The South Carolina Republican went full-on sycophant over former President Donald Trump.
The conservative attorney had a coughing fit of laughter.
A CNN panel weighed in on a new poll showing how Iowa Republicans feel about Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric.
The CNN anchor sarcastically likened the Donald Trump ally to a key historical figure.
The CNN anchor made an on-air offer to Vance after the Ohio senator declared that Republicans weren't trying to bar people from accessing birth control.
After the congressman claimed that the president's son was indicted to "protect him," Tapper sarcastically said, “The classic rubric, I got it.”
"Is this the kind of admission a candidate should be making?" the CNN host asked a guest.
The CNN host’s interview with Rachel Goldberg, whose son was kidnapped by Hamas, took a briefly humorous turn.
The CNN anchor paid Michigan Republican John James a backhanded compliment.