Jake Tapper

“Do you only care about documents being mishandled when Democrats do the mishandling?” Tapper jabbed at Kentucky Rep. James Comer.
“I, unfortunately, know all too well about the cost of misdiagnosis,” the CNN anchor said.
“My God, Trump is conning not just me but his son," the Watergate journalist recalled thinking.
The president said he loved his son and was proud of him in his fight against drug addiction.
Trump's claim he could declassify files with his mind doesn't "demonstrate much intelligence of any kind," the lawmaker said.
The upcoming Jan. 6 hearings don't need any new "bombshells," lawmakers just need to show exactly what happened, Conway tells Jake Tapper on CNN.
Some CNN staffers were incensed by the anchor's decision to stay at work while infected, The Daily Beast reported.
The Republican lawmaker said European nations should understand they are funding a "genocidal campaign" by continuing to import Russian energy.
Jake Tapper dismantled a MAGA Republican talking point about Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Barr even said this time around he'd "absolutely" get involved to help a candidate defeat Trump in the primary.