James Holmes

Jurors ruled in favor of Cinemark USA Inc in the lawsuit filed by more than two dozen surviving victims and relatives of the dead, court spokesman Rob McCallum said on Twitter.
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Here's one thing we know about school shooters; they don't seem to like school. Even the young men who shoot up movie theaters, Army bases, and workplaces don't seem to like school. So perhaps schools are where we really can do something.
Maybe for a time before dying, a very small time, Bryce Williams's swirling anger, Chris Harper Mercer's swirling anger, stopped swirling. Perhaps, at long last, they felt sated. How relatively pitiful the causes of their anger; how incomparably grievous the consequences.
"You are my darling, sweet as a dove in the morning dew."
The Colorado District Attorney's office this week released a trove of photos, videos and other evidence from the trial of
Though Holmes had "constant homicidal thoughts," he had never revealed specific targets or plans before the attack.
In the spring of 2007, Seung-Hui Choi killed 32 people and injured 25 more in what is now known as the Virginia Tech Massacre
One development that's significantly affected the course of capital punishment in America is the fact that death penalty opponents have been extremely effective in making it increasingly difficult to actually secure and impose a death sentence.
Over the months, sitting in the courtroom every day, we finally got some answers about the crime and why it happened. But even with light shed on the attack, it could not fill the dark hole in the hearts of the families who lost loved ones.
Breaking news is often shocking and if you're wanting to make a difference in our news cycle, it is the thing to watch. Tie your public commentary into breaking news and you'll impact the public conversation we're all having about the media coverage.
The Aurora theater shooter was a quitter who gave up on life.
"We are very sorry this tragedy happened and sorry everyone has suffered so much."
Like many Americans, I held my breath on Friday, August 7, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. as I waited for the verdict to be read in the James Holmes case.
One would think James Holmes' recent sentence of life in prison would be a relief to me. How can I celebrate this verdict when a man who had a promising future as a doctoral student is sentenced for actions stemming from his brain disorder that our system completely failed to address?