Jane Bashara

Gentz told investigators that he killed Bashara after her husband, Robert, offered him cash in return for the job. Robert
Bashara also asked for a receipt after leaving the down payment. Grosse Pointe businessman Bob Bashara was sentenced to 80
Bob Bashara's alleged scheme to put a hit out on Joseph Gentz could be a huge evidentiary hammer for prosecutors trying to
"I find that far-fetched for this reason; We all know that Joe Gentz was released by the prosecution and was out on the streets
By Sara Eaton Martin The handyman who worked for Bob Bashara has been found competent to stand trial in the murder and conspiracy
The intense national media focus on Grosse Pointe Park has dwindled in the strangulation death of Jane E. Bashara but the
Handyman Joe Gentz was to be arraigned Monday afternoon on first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges in
Joseph Gentz of St. Clair Shores was arrested in the murder of Grosse Pointe Park resident Jane Bashara on Friday afternoon
In another development, an unidentified Oregon woman was flown to Detroit to talk with police investigators this week, according
One day after Michigan State Police and Grosse Pointe Park police returned to the Bashara home to look for additional evidence
The attorney for Bob Bashara, a person of interest in the murder of his wife Jane, thinks a plea deal might have been reached
Members of the Grosse Pointe South Mothers' Club set up a memorial scholarship to honor the late Jane Bashara, who served
Lorraine Engelbrecht grappled Monday with the grief of knowing the lone person admitting a role in her daughter's death was
"I have nothing to say," he repeated before his son, Rob Bashara, broke in. Bob Bashara stood with his mother and son, Rob