Janet Yellen

The House last month passed a bill that would require ByteDance to sell the platform within six months or risk it being banned nationwide.
The Treasury Department released a new report making the case for more collective bargaining in the U.S.
The goal of her visit is to deepen and increase the frequency of communication between the two countries, a U.S. official said.
House and Senate Democrats involved in banking issues asked whether the merger qualifies for special review, given Saudi Arabia's involvement.
The announcement by Secretary Janet Yellen gives Congress major breathing room as they seek to avert a debt default.
Some House Republicans say Yellen is fearmongering with a June 1 date for the Treasury to run out of cash — except she’s never been that exact.
The Treasury Secretary added that some bills will "have to go unpaid" if lawmakers don't act in time.
Two big bills come due in early June, and they could be enough for Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to set a hard deadline.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the U.S. risks an economic “calamity” if Congress fails to raise the nation’s debt limit.