The Ukrainian president will be making his furthest trip from his war-torn country to join world leaders at the Hiroshima summit.
The lander apparently crashed while attempting to land on the moon.
The gallivanting GOP Florida governor got people talking about his animated response to a Trump question in Japan.
A loud explosion reportedly occurred at a western Japanese port during Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s visit.
Russia's Defense Ministry said the target was successfully hit by two Moskit cruise missiles.
Nobel literature laureate Kenzaburo Oe, who was also an outspoken anti-nuclear and peace activist, has died at age 88.
Norio Kimura shares the heartbreaking story of losing his 7-year-old daughter after the 2011 earthquake in Japan's Tohoku region.
Police and even a bomb squad were sent to check out the cryptic object, dubbed “Godzilla egg.”
Your guess is as good as ours! This big ol' ball has washed up on a beach in Japan, but no one knows what it is or where it's from.