This summer, three things happened that forced me to finally face our grave reality.
A major rescue operation is underway in parts of central and northern Japan following the typhoon's landfall near Tokyo on Saturday.
The Emmy-winning stars of the Netflix makeover series will hit Tokyo for a special, 4-episode season.
Tuesday’s launch was the country's ninth round of weapons tests since late July.
It was Japan’s worst mass killing since a suspected arson attack on a Tokyo building in 2001.
Rockstars grabbed their stitching needles to compete in the first-ever heavy metal knitting world championship.
The Unko — or “Poop” — Museum in Japan makes doo-doo look adorable.
The reality show star tweeted that she will soon launch her shapewear brand under a new name.
The meeting on Sunday might "only be a handshake," said Trump. "But that's okay; a handshake means a lot."
“We’ll be discussing trade, we’ll be discussing military,” among other items, Trump said as he sat across from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo for their discussions.
The Gonzaga University forward was selected by the Washington Wizards on Thursday.
Casting the Trump administration's credibility gap into sharp relief, allies like Japan and Germany have demanded more "credible" evidence to support the U.S. claim.
Soshi Matsuoka campaigns to change LGBTQ portrayal in the media.
The request was made in preparation for President Donald Trump's visit to Japan.
The morale patches, which were spotted while the president made his Memorial Day address aboard the USS Wasp, had the slogan "Make Aircrew Great Again."
A man brandishing a knife stabbed at least 18 people in Kawasaki City on Tuesday morning. One child and one adult were killed, officials said.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe disagreed, saying the missile tests violated U.N. Security Council resolutions and were “of great regret.”
The president's unusual attack on Barack Obama is getting new attention as he visits Japan.
The massive 60-70 pound silver trophy was specially crafted for the occasion.
The "Fox NFL Sunday" host later apologized for his "insensitive remark."