Japan Earthquake Anniversary

This animation is as mesmerizing as it is frightening.
The fifth of November was designated as World Tsunami Awareness Day by the United Nations General Assembly last December. The date commemorates a well-known Japanese anecdote called "Inamura-no-hi" which can be translated as "The fire of the rice sheaves."
The boar pre-freezer. Yamakiya's evacuation didn't come right away after the March 2011 disaster. It came a few months later
Five years after the earthquake and tsunami, Japan is still picking up the pieces.
The Tohoku earthquake triggered a huge tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.
No Japanese city was more brutally ripped apart by the deadly 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami than Higashimatsushima. More than 1,000 residents died, and 11,000 structures were destroyed. How do you bounce back from that?
The warming of the ocean surely has an impact on changing growth patterns of marine plants and animals, just as the changing pH or acidity of the ocean has been shown to modify habitat and migrations. But what else?
Once the photos were clean and dry, they were scanned and uploaded a digital database where people affected by the tsunami
In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, caring for the dead and wounded were paramount. But in the years that have passed
Sato ran a diving shop in Minamisanriku before the tsunami. His store was washed away by the massive wave but he has since
On March 11, 2011, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck northeast Japan, triggering a massive tsunami and a crippling nuclear
Palestinian children living in the war-ravaged Gaza Strip face myriad problems of their own. But on Monday they gathered
The Minamisanriku-cho Office of Measures for Disaster Prevention. Before speaking there, Sasaki took a moment to pay his
How do we understand the impact of climate change and natural disasters on people and architecture, and how does humanity learn from our mistakes and try to prepare for potential future cataclysms?
It was Suika! He was reunited with his family on May 9. It's unclear how Suika survived the ordeal, but his story is one