Jared Kushner

MeidasTouch hits the president's son-in-law with an attack video about his incompetence.
He initially left room for speculation on whether the Trump administration might attempt to postpone the election due to the coronavirus crisis.
A whistleblower said in a complaint that a volunteer coronavirus force recruited by Jared Kushner was "falling short" and had "little to show" for their work.
The "Last Week Tonight" host slams President Donald Trump and his son-in-law over extensive coronavirus failures.
One Twitter user predicted the new White House press secretary would yell, "IT'S OPPOSITE DAY!" the first time the media calls her on the no-fib pledge.
President Donald Trump reportedly blew up at members of his team as new poll numbers showed him losing to Joe Biden.
The late night comedian ripped Donald Trump's son-in-law's coronavirus "great success story" claim.
The former national security adviser denounced Trump's son-in-law for calling the Trump administration's handling of the crisis "a great success story."
The president erupted at his top advisers when they showed him polling data indicating eroding support in key states due to his bungled coronavirus response.
As the U.S. COVID-19 death toll surpassed that of the Vietnam War, the president's son-in-law went on "Fox & Friends" for some self-congratulation.