Jason Russell

What goes viral, I think, says a great deal about who we are as individuals and who we are collectively. If I'm not careful
The number of employees in San Diego plunged from 65 to 29. In Africa, the number of staffers dropped from 130 to 108. Before
Community was once a place of action linked to emotion -- a powerful hub and spoke of social change. Nowadays anyone on a compiled data file can be considered to be part of a community. How the mighty have fallen.
One year ago, the Kony 2012 documentary became an international conversation piece. Still, questions remain about the impact, legitimacy, and morality of the movement. Jamila Aisha Brown, Noelle West and Timothy Kalyegira join Marc to debate.
“People got on board by the millions,” Russell said in the film about the campaign's launch. “But because the story spread
The video features interviews with child soldiers and victims of Kony's violence, media clips including Romney and Obama
Oprah Winfrey asked him about that day, which Russell says he has very little recollection of. As far as him masturbating
Days after the release of the Invisible Children documentary Kony 2012, creator Jason Russell was captured on tape in San
Tweets, texts, emails, posts. New research says the Internet can make us lonely and depressed—and may even create more extreme
No matter how questionable the cause, people continue to invest in others, perhaps because to invest in a cause -- no matter how small -- is to invest in humanity.