Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro and Lou Dobbs have also been questioned, and Maria Bartiromo is scheduled to be deposed next week, according to court documents.
The Fox News host said "I didn’t have to take out loans" and called debt relief for people who did "disgusting."
“Thank God we’re not on TV,” her co-host Greg Gutfeld quipped.
Fox News host Jeanine Pirro went on a racist rant against immigrants in a recent debate on “Hannity.”
The Fox News host spun the Oscars moment into a ridiculous commentary on the film industry vs. conservatives.
The Russian leader "was a wuss when Trump was president," the Fox News host shouted at her colleague.
The Fox News host attacked Joe Biden for protests in the summer of 2020 when Donald Trump was president.
The conservative TV personality showed she could use a reality check on "The Five."
"That lovable scamp was put through a nightmare of a trial," declared Cecily Strong's Jeanine Pirro.
"And I can give it to whoever I want," he tells Cecily Strong's Judge Jeanine Pirro.