Jeff Merkley

Brian Stenz told authorities he went into "a place that appeared to be a gift shop," but he had an image from inside Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley’s office.
Sen. Jeff Merkley from Oregon was the first Democrat to come out against Biden's pick for ambassador to Japan.
The airline lifted its capacity from 85% to 100% as of July 1 and also got criticized by CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield and Dr. Anthony Fauci earlier this week.
Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), a leading advocate for LGBTQ equality, says now is the time for Congress to extend all civil rights protections to LGBTQ people.
Insurance agent Jo Rae Perkins is the Republican front-runner for an Oregon Senate seat. She also believes in a dangerous, baseless conspiracy.
Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley and Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski want to expand the right to pump on the job to millions more workers.
“How can he be innocent now, if there’s all this evidence of how he’s acted to obstruct justice then?” asked Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) is reintroducing a bill from six months ago, but this time in a radically different political environment.
The senator from Oregon announced that he isn't running for president in 2020.
The Oregon Democrat's bill would link drug prices with access to Medicare, Medicaid, military and VA patients.