Jeff Sessions

The House speaker insisted that former Attorneys General Jeff Sessions and William Barr testify before Congress about the subpoenas and gag orders.
The former attorneys general are subject to a subpoena if they refuse.
Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson told federal prosecutors to focus on “individualized assessment” until the Justice Department has a long-term policy.
A watchdog report reveals more about the involvement of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his then-top deputy, Rod Rosenstein.
An inspector general investigation’s draft report says Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and other top former Department of Justice officials were instrumental in separating migrant families at the border.
“We need to take away children,” the then-attorney general told Justice Department prosecutors, according to a draft inspector general's report.
The Republican and former college football coach stumbled when asked his position on the landmark 1965 civil rights law.
Ex-college football coach Tommy Tuberville rode President Trump’s endorsement to defeat the former attorney general.
"Your personal feelings don't dictate who Alabama picks as their senator, the people of Alabama do," sniped Sessions after his ex-boss again endorsed a rival.
President Donald Trump says he learned a very important lesson from fellow impeached president Richard Nixon: Don’t fire people.
President Donald Trump’s campaign fired off at the former attorney general for tying himself to the president in an effort to win back his old Senate seat in Alabama.
The president wants his former attorney general to stop mentioning him.
The president, whose relationship with his former attorney general has soured, backed former football coach Tommy Tuberville ahead of the March 31 runoff.
Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is heading to a runoff election for his old senate seat. The former U.S. senator from Alabama failed to win a majority of votes, falling behind former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville.
The president said his former attorney general got his just desserts after recusing himself from the Russia investigation.
The former U.S. attorney general told Fox News he is "going to work for" Trump's endorsement of his Senate bid, adding: "I would love to have his support.”
Leaked emails show Stephen Miller is as racist as you think he is.
An alert under former Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned that smoking weed could indicate poor "moral character," jeopardizing the Canadian's U.S. citizenship.
Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that he is running for his old Alabama Senate seat.