Jeffrey Loria

Giancarlo Stanton has signed the hugest contract in the history of baseball: 13 years and $325 million. The guy is only 25 years old and could easily make anyone his age really go through a "what the hell am I doing with my life" type of moment.
But seriously. This team Loria built has one everyday major-leaguer in the lineup right now in shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria
Guess that open letter to Marlins fans wasn't all that convincing, huh? Here are seven jaw-dropping photos of the more than
Samson had promised to win them back "one fan at a time." "This rebuttal is so absurd it's hard to know where to even begin
The move did bring one notable economic boost. According to Forbes magazine, the value of the franchise has increased to
First, the Marlins alienated every taxpayer in Miami with their stadium deal. Then they pissed off every casual fan with
In Miami, we are all too familiar with government using our money incorrectly. Defending the financing plan is impossible -- our last mayor lost his job because of it. And by the way, whoever gave you the "it's not public money" sound bite ought to have their head examined.
In fact, Loria "seriously" claimed not to have heard any negative feedback for several months, reports the Palm Beach Post
Or discuss how his former pitcher, Mark Buehrle, was shipped to one of the cities he expressly didn't want to go in Toronto
Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post captured the current state of fan sentiment on Saturday morning with a photo outside the
This cannot be repeated often enough. The public should never, ever pay for a stadium or arena for a pro sports team again.
A product of Dwyer (Palm Beach Gardens) High School, Maine split last season between the Indians and Cubs organizations. The
Marlins fans may no longer surprised by fire sales, but they smart even more when you're holding a $2.4 billion bill for
Here is how the con worked. The Florida Marlins owners whined, and they brayed, and they swore up and down that they couldn't
When Jose Reyes comes back to Citi Field, give the man the respect he deserves. He wanted to remain a New York Met. He really did. But, the offer wasn't right.
The group has also reached out to Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria to put similar signs in the stadium where hot dogs are sold
"The opening of Marlins Park started off with a parade of showgirls and Jose Feliciano singing the National Anthem," wrote
The Miami Marlins President David Samson has caught a lot of flak for calling Miami politicians stupid. But heck, maybe his words did have some credence.