Jessica Ridgeway

Sigg was 17 years old at the time he committed the crime and could not be eligible for the death penalty. Citing Colorado
Jessica, a fifth-grader, disappeared from her home almost exactly one year ago on Oct. 5 while on her way to school. Just
The next hearing in the case has been set for July 10 and the trial is expected to begin Sept. 20. During a preliminary hearing
What say you, 2012? Along with reviewing the big, important Colorado headlines, Jared and Ron look back fondly at the many ridiculous, overblown, laughable, stupido news stories of the year.
While we need training and a license to drive a car, pilot a plane and even own a gun -- activities that are regulated by our government -- what we need most and can regulate ourselves are the keys to raising healthy and moral children.
9News reports that the old park sign has already been removed and will be replaced with the new sign in about two weeks. The
In October, Sigg allegedly confessed to the killing of the 10-year-old girl and was formally charged as an adult. Jefferson
How do we know when normal teen acting-out is a preamble to something far more sinister? Is it our parental responsibility to expose our children's suspicious activity and turn them over to authorities, or do we defend and protect them at all costs?
Sigg faces 17 charges, including four counts of first degree murder, two counts of second degree kidnapping, sexual assault
Kelly Reed, who owns BOOM Yogurt with her husband, U.S. Olympic triathlete Matty Reed, said she is happy the BOOM Room -- a
Austin Reed Sigg, the 17-year-old who has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway
Sigg's first court appearance is scheduled for Thursday Oct. 25 in Jefferson County, and he's currently being held at the
Photos from the Jessica Ridgeway case: Authorities are looking for someone who may carry or wear this type of cross, may
The suspect from the attempted abduction at Ketner Lake is described by the police as follows: Photos of the wooden cross
Police say they have so far been unable to associate a vehicle in either of the incidents. "Due to the time frame and geographic
We aren't overprotective, we're involved. And we are here to stay
To date, no suspects have been named. On Sunday, investigators say they found a backpack and water bottle believed to be
Often, someone in the community will unknowingly be associated with the offender of the crime, and may be in a position to