Jessica Ridgeway

In a press conference following the sentencing, District Attorney Pete Weir said, "the damage, the hurt, the loss remains
On the 911 call, Sigg could be heard telling the dispatcher, "I murdered Jessica Ridgeway, I have proof that I did. I'm giving
Sigg's attorneys have also raised the possibility of DNA contamination in court, arguing that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation
The teen who allegedly confessed to the killing and abduction of Colorado fifth-grader Jessica Ridgeway entered a plea of
The preliminary hearing for Austin Reed Sigg, 17, is scheduled for Friday morning in Jefferson County and will now be open
What say you, 2012? Along with reviewing the big, important Colorado headlines, Jared and Ron look back fondly at the many ridiculous, overblown, laughable, stupido news stories of the year.
While we need training and a license to drive a car, pilot a plane and even own a gun -- activities that are regulated by our government -- what we need most and can regulate ourselves are the keys to raising healthy and moral children.
"Thank you for allowing the motion of the park to even come to this level," said Rebecca Ridgeway, a family member of Jessica's
If Sigg is found guilty of the first-degree murder charge as an adult, he will receive life in prison with the possibility
How do we know when normal teen acting-out is a preamble to something far more sinister? Is it our parental responsibility to expose our children's suspicious activity and turn them over to authorities, or do we defend and protect them at all costs?
"The amount of violence — the pathology in that — is remarkable at any age, but especially for a teen," retired FBI profiler
Boulder police Sgt. Pat Wyton called the patrols a "great idea" and stressed the importance of community cooperation and
According to the Associated Press, Sigg went to Witt Elementary, the same school Jessica was headed to on the morning she
Police said in a statement: Westminster Police Department Spokesman Trevor Materasso asked the public to look at Sigg's photo
Jessica went missing on Friday Oct. 5 on her way to school, during her short daily walk to Chelsea Park. Her body was found
Light skinned male. 18-35 (or someone whose appearance with a ball cap may look that age). Brown hair. Medium build. 5'6
"Due to the time frame and geographic proximity of Jessica’s disappearance and the attempted abduction near the Ketner Lake
We aren't overprotective, we're involved. And we are here to stay
To date, no suspects have been named. According to the announcement on a website set up to take in donations for Jessica's
One of Colorado's state criteria for issuing an Amber Alert is that the child must be in immediate danger of serious bodily