Jimmy Carter

“We need a government as good as its people, and we are better than this,” the 39th president said.
This is the first time President Trump has played golf since he declared the coronavirus a national emergency.
It's Obama's 12th time in the top spot, Trump's first. Michelle Obama placed first among women, Melania Trump second.
The nation's oldest-ever ex-president famously has taught Sunday school in his hometown of Plains, Georgia.
The 95-year-old former president was hospitalized over the weekend for a urinary tract infection and is back at his Georgia home, the Carter Center said.
The longest-living U.S. president was hospitalized over Thanksgiving weekend for an infection but is "feeling better" now, according to the Carter Center.
Carter, 95, the longest-living president in U.S. history, was hospitalized Nov. 11 for “pressure on his brain caused by a subdural hematoma."
The longest-lived U.S. president was hospitalized Monday to relieve pressure in his brain.
The 95-year-old underwent a procedure Tuesday morning to relieve pressure on his brain.
The now-oldest living former U.S. president returned to teach Sunday school at his church in Georgia about two weeks after breaking his pelvis in a fall.