Jodi Arias

For the first time, prosecutor Juan Martinez is revealing behind-the-scenes details from the Jodi Arias murder trial. In
Kirk Nurmi dishes the dirt on Arias in tell-all book.
"I do remember the moment the knife went into Travis' throat," Arias said. "He was still conscious. He was trying to attack
(Reporting by David Schwartz in Phoenix Editing by Dan Whitcomb in Los Angeles and Christian Plumb) Arias, who testified
The Jodi Arias case has hung on sentencing, the underlying statement out of Arizona seems to be we don't give white women the death penalty. But if not in this case then when would they do so? When would America find her crime to be insidious enough to be worthy of a death sentence?
"The murder was committed in an especially cruel manner," Martinez said in closing arguments last week. Arias chose not to
Meals are provided to the inmates three times a day, Monday through Friday, and twice on the weekend. All meals are eaten
THE RELATIONSHIP Arias and Alexander had a stormy relationship in the nearly two years they knew each other. Arias moved