Joe Biden

Biden denied the GOP their biggest policy goals, and Democrats appear set to line up behind a deal they concede is imperfect.
Congressional leaders are likely to rely on more moderate members on both sides of the aisle to approve the agreement.
Both sides can point to some victories in the debt ceiling deal reached between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.
The Democratic president and Republican speaker reached the agreement after the two spoke earlier Saturday evening.
The White House is resisting new limits on food benefits for unemployed adults.
Republicans want the FBI to substantiate or refute an allegation that Biden took money as vice president. In the meantime, they're publicizing the rumor.
“In this team, we saw hope, we saw pride and we saw purpose. It matters," Biden said of the Tigers, who defeated Iowa for the national title in April.
Twitter users compared Biden's exchange with a fussy child to former President Donald Trump's "get that baby outta here" remark.
The CNN host repeated an adjective that no incumbent would not want to hear even once about their popularity.
The New York Democrat called on Biden not to negotiate with Republicans as the debt default date draws closer.