Joe Biden

The president has repeatedly tested negative for COVID-19.
The dilatory tactics have frustrated Democrats and bolstered proponents' case for Senate rules reform.
Sens. Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders and Mike Lee are forcing a vote early next week on legislation to block a $650 million missile sale to the repressive regime.
“The best thing everyone can do is to realize we are not defenseless," New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said.
Some conservatives are threatening a government shutdown over the Biden administration's pending COVID-19 vaccination and testing rules.
Joe and Jill Biden are set to go to the annual gala celebrating the arts, which Donald and Melania Trump avoided following outcry.
“Sadly, testing positive for COVID was the only positive thing he did in four years as president," said the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host.
The first U.S. case of the omicron variant has been confirmed in California.
The president was blunt when a reporter asked him about sharing a debate stage with Trump after his rival had reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.
A series of injunctions have held up key components of the president’s vaccination campaign in court.
The former Trump White House press secretary, who is now a host on Fox News, received a sharp reminder of the ex-president's record.
"I promise you it will go away if you just keep at it," Biden assured a girl while vacationing in Nantucket.
The U.S. will “face this new threat just as we’ve faced those that have come before it,” President Joe Biden said.
But its recommendation stopped short of the outright ban pushed by environmental groups.
Oil companies purchased new rights to drill on top of a 1970s dumping ground, where thousands of barrels of chemical waste litter the ocean floor.
President Joe Biden is nominating Shalanda Young to lead the White House Office of Management and Budget, and Nani Coloretti as her deputy.
The tubular adenoma was similar to one removed from Biden in 2008 and required no further action, said the president's doctor.
The guilty verdicts for the three white men who murdered the Black jogger in 2020 "reflect our justice system doing its job," the president said.
The “House of Gucci” star also explained why she wore a bulletproof vest to President Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.
The “deceptively edited” clip was debunked by Twitter users.