Joe Biden

“Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt,” the former president said, before adding, "You've got to be careful about that."
The president was back on his feet moments after taking a spill onstage.
Grassley and Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) want to publicize an unverified tip sent to the FBI in 2020.
The Oversight Committee chair doesn't just want to see the paperwork detailing a supposed bribery scheme — he wants to see it in his office. Why? Unclear.
The president has vowed to veto the Republican effort, but the Supreme Court will probably get the final say.
Kevin McCarthy once suggested the president needs "soft food.” Now he's the one serving a "s**t sandwich" to his caucus.
While President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy do spin dances to claim victory on a debt ceiling agreement, the extremists in the House Freedom Caucus vow to torpedo the deal.
Absolutely no one liked the Fox News host's idea for keeping Trump out of the White House.
The president has repeatedly rejected the allegations.
Progressive groups want the president to prohibit use of the agreements in industries that may lie beyond the Federal Trade Commission’s reach.