Joe Biden

A former White House correspondent is keeping score of presidential golf outings.
Donald Trump "spewed expletives" at the then-Senate majority leader, according to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa's "Peril."
The late night host turned one of the GOP's favorite talking points right back at them.
Biden and his staff appear to welcome the opportunity to remind the nation that Trump tried to overthrow American democracy after losing reelection.
The president said that the new security alliance with Britain and Australia, called AUKUS, will allow for greater sharing of defense capabilities.
The president campaigned in California on behalf of Gov. Gavin Newsom on the eve of the recall election.
President Joe Biden's administration hopes concessions to progressives can help win over Congress on confronting the opioid epidemic.
Fox News of course doesn't preach what its company practices in the office.
The "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" actor drove journalists around during the president's trip to California.
A former top GOP consultant calls the anti-mandate stance a cynical attempt to tank the economy, hurt Biden and hinder Democrats’ chances in coming elections.