Joe Biden

The House Ethics Committee found the departing congressman financially benefited from a cryptocurrency that he was promoting and violated conflict of interest rules.
Gun violence is a kitchen-table issue, the Giffords group argues.
The president feted the Kennedy Center honorees before Sunday's ceremony.
Conservationists worry that the Bureau of Land Management is moving too slowly on a key tool for success.
Members of a key party committee voted to adopt President Joe Biden's preferred changes to the nominating schedule.
The president and prince met in Boston ahead of the Earthshot Prize Awards.
"I just want to make a few things clear: The Holocaust happened. Hitler was a demonic figure," the president tweeted.
The president and Congress headed off a potential work stoppage but failed to deliver paid sick days to the nation’s railway workers.
The president’s choice is likely to rule the day with DNC members and disappoint New Hampshire and Nevada.
Retailers pulled the crustaceans from shelves after sustainability groups said the lobster industry poses risks to endangered whales. The Bidens just ordered 200.