Joe Biden

President Biden has proposed a minimum tax for billionaires of 25%. He has said over 10 years it would raise $500 billion.
Ironically, though, the former president did not join any of the Republican presidential primary debates.
Rob Finnerty tried to list a number of President Joe Biden's gaffes before making a blunder of his own.
The late-night host spots a gaping hole in the ex-president’s defense strategy.
It's a strategy that has had mixed success for Democrats in past elections.
The president reacted after Arizona's Supreme Court ruled that a 160-year-old law criminalizing most abortions could be reinstated.
The Democratic Party convention falls after ballot access deadlines in both states, but they have provided leeway to both parties in the past.
Reporter Jacqui Heinrich took issue with Biden's strong language, and the press secretary firmly responded.
Republican critics of President Joe Biden have sough to pin the blame for high prices on the president and use it as a cudgel to derail his re-election bid.
“I do not believe I am above the law,” Aimee Harris said before her sentencing.