Joe Biden

The ambassador gave explosive testimony that named top officials as part of a quid pro quo effort with Ukraine.
Trump wanted a TV announcement to bludgeon Biden, not an actual probe, EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified.
Kurt Volker, the former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine, rejected a GOP conspiracy theory about former Vice President Joe Biden.
Each of the leading presidential candidates is banking on their theory of change.
Kurt Volker said he has known former Vice President Joe Biden as an honorable man for decades while rebuffing debunked corruption allegations.
The former special envoy to Ukraine is one of many establishment Republicans who tried in vain to change the Trump administration from within.
States with large Latino populations are set to award huge numbers of Democratic delegates.
Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and adviser Jennifer Williams heard the July 25 phone call for themselves.
The inexperienced diplomat Trump is relying upon to deny a quid pro quo got his position after donating $1 million to Trump's inaugural committee.
“There’s not nearly been enough evidence" on whether marijuana leads to other drug use, he said.
The horror icon said there's no mystery about what the president has done.
North Korea said the former vice president should “be beaten to death with a stick” for calling Kim a "murderous dictator."
Jennifer Williams said the call included what she viewed as specific references to Trump’s “personal political agenda.”
"We've felt a lot of momentum on the ground," said a pleased Buttigieg.
Transcripts of testimonies from Tim Morrison and Jennifer Williams provide fresh details for the impeachment inquiry.
The April 21 conversation, which precedes the July 25 call that is the subject of the impeachment inquiry, included no mentions of corruption or Joe Biden.
The fifth Democratic debate will feature 10 candidates and an all-female panel of moderators.
They're still worth holding, they say, and they're still worth watching.
Several more witnesses are scheduled to testify in the coming week that President Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine as he pushed a probe into rival Joe Biden.
The acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine revealed the new information while testifying at the House impeachment hearings.