Joe Scarborough

"He believes in his political survival," the California Democrat said of Trump's new statement on abortion.
The former Republican National Committee chair just got hired by NBC News and made her debut.
MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host flipped the former president’s desire right back at him.
Deutsch, who is Jewish, also gave a reality check to Jewish Americans who support the former president.
"It’s just bulls**t," said the MSNBC host. “Obviously, he's talking about a bloodbath for America."
MSNBC's "Morning Joe" anchor taunted the former president as "the butt of the joke for millions and millions of people."
Trump acolyte Lindsey Graham also received a mocking mention from the MSNBC "Morning Joe" host.
The “Morning Joe” anchor had a blunt question for supporters of the former president.
“Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is using the stereotype of Blacks being criminals,” Rev. Al Sharpton said.
The Republican House speaker’s spin got spun into oblivion.