John Cornyn

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said this week he would join Democrats on a Juneteenth bill.
"The good news is that if you lose your employer-provided coverage … [you are] eligible to sign up for the Affordable Care Act," said the Republican senator.
Texas Republican John Cornyn sparked anger with his defense of Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric.
Republicans seem more likely to go along with paid sick leave before Democrats agree to a payroll tax cut.
Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) shrugged off the Government Accountability Office's findings — but also didn't directly dispute them.
But John Cornyn said it's ultimately the governor's call whether to allow the resettlement of refugees in Texas.
Sen. John Cornyn of Texas defended President Trump's widely panned decision to abandon U.S.-allied Kurdish forces in northern Syria.
Who could have seen this coming when the president chose to divert defense money to build his border wall?
One scientist blasted Cornyn for being "utterly, despicably, proudly ignorant" of the threat to the planet.
Such a move could set up a rare clash between the president and his party.