John Delaney

The businessman and former Maryland representative ran as a centrist who cautioned the Democratic Party against supporting progressive policies.
From fanny packs to disposable plastic straws, here's what you can buy to support your favorite candidate.
Trying to prove his progressive chops, Delaney touted his universal health care plan that would allow people to keep their private insurance.
Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney explains why he doesn’t think he should be running as a Republican.
The 2020 candidate brewed up a feeble comeback almost 24 hours after his "murder" by Elizabeth Warren on the debate stage.
The debate moderators chose to cast Delaney as the opposition to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.
What moderates are selling isn't really moderate. It's an unrealistic fantasy of Republican cooperation.
An old image of the presidential candidate at the Iowa State Fair is going viral.
Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Julián Castro and others made their pitch to voters in the heartland where Democrats have struggled to make electoral gains.
At HuffPost and the Open Markets Institute’s Heartland Forum in Storm Lake, Iowa, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) outlined a proposal to make certain two-year community college programs free.