John Ensign

Where there's a great risk, the level of excitement and thrill is heightened and there's an effort to push the envelope further and further. The greater the risk the greater the thrill.
What are we to make of these powerful men behaving badly? Are there lessons we can learn from them? I would suggest the answer is "yes."
Abedin -- who penned a longer defense of her husband for Harper's Bazaar prior to this latest revelation -- is hardly the
It's interesting that Monica Lewinsky and Rielle Hunter managed their moments of notoriety without anything particularly
Recent events create an awareness that too little guidance has been given politicians on the proper way to deal with problems that arise when the non-politically ambitious partner in an illicit affair.
Former New York Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner's decision to resign on June 24 following his admission of inappropriate
What if the presumed sex difference in infidelity isn't as set-in-stone as we assume it is? What if power does predict unfaithfulness, but no more so for men than women?
Ensign admitted to an affair with an aide and quit amid an FBI probe into whether her husband was steered work to help cover
The main thing I draw from the Anthony Weiner incident is that the greater shame is in our puerile culture and how the media feeds the frenzy. On its own face their actions are ludicrous and the well-paid media honchos should be equally ashamed.
Although political scandals date to the country's earliest days, attention to sex-related wrongdoing in Congress began in