John F. Kennedy

The Speaker of the House said she accepted the honor with "a full and humble heart."
The fight over disclosing the Mueller report is just the latest in Washington's favorite drama.
Among the ceremonies: a service at the Washington National Cathedral featuring eulogies from former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.
America’s infatuation with the first lady played a role in our current C-section epidemic.
Trump fails in every way to meet the standards set by his predecessors.
Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D - Mass.) said that the Trump administration is “turning American life into a zero-sum game” in the Democratic response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.
“They look at all of this stuff, and they go, ‘These people ― they’re 13-year-olds,’” said a Louisiana Republican.
John F. Kennedy Airport also rerouted arriving international flights from one of its terminals.
In a hearing, senators from both parties questioned whether the companies were too powerful.
The White House chief of staff said the war was caused by the inability to compromise.
The FBI set off warning bells about Lee Harvey Oswald the month before President John F. Kennedy's killing.
But President Trump chose to keep a number of the documents secret for another 180 days.
Donald Trump never apologized for promoting the conspiracy theory.