John Murtha

When the drums start beating next time, remember the pain and cost of war. Our duty, as veterans, is to focus citizen's attention on the high price for what is done in their name.
In study after study, DoD and outside reviews confirm that a combined military medical command is the most effective and least expensive means to provide health care to the vast military community.
The New Walter Reed National Military Medical Center must be about caring for the entire military family's wounded and sick. This is the mission to be accomplished.
A former Murtha staffer also told The Huffington Post that the congressman had been a "skeptic" on Afghanistan after making
That being said, the way he did it was by sticking a knife in the back of several very good Democratic ideas on how to improve
Beyond the inchoate and diffuse anger of the Tea Party faction there is a real and reasoned discontent in the land. It's not so much against incumbents themselves as it is anti-establishment.
PA-12 is coal country. This is not friendly ground for cap and trade. But cap and trade will never become law by simply collecting naturally friendly votes -- there just aren't enough of them.
Democrats had better relish their victory in PA 12 while they can, because this weekend a special election in Hawaii is likely to elect a Republican in a very Democratic district.
The lesson should be clear: Trade reform is a hugely popular issue on both the left and right. Trade is an issue that candidates can win on in 2010.
The Tea Party can beat their chests all they want about the "hugeness" of their movement's big victory in Kentucky, but all it portends for the party in November's midterm elections is Republican-on-Republican bloodletting.
Lincoln, the corporate candidate who occasionally impersonates a Democrat, said if she's reelected she'll continue to cross party lines to caucus with the Democrats.
The behind-the-scenes jockeying this month for a spot on the House's most coveted committee was intense. But the spoils of
The ethics committee decided to clear Visclosky even though the Office of Congressional Ethics, which conducts preliminary
According to the Murtha for Congress Committee, Joyce Murtha felt it was "too soon" after her husband's death to be campaigning
The candidate who succeeds the late Rep. John P. Murtha (D., Pa.) in a special election this spring might not want to buy
Family, friends, colleagues and various political dignitaries came to Pennsylvania to pay respects to Murtha on Tuesday, and
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The death of former Representative Charlie Wilson of Texas is the loss of the second legendary member of the House Appropriations