John Thune

Negotiators reported behind-the-scenes progress Thursday as a temporary funding bill expires on Friday at midnight.
“You want stuff? You gotta pay for it," said John Thune, the No. 2 GOP senator.
This footage of South Dakota Sen. John Thune has not aged well.
The company's shares were down 2 percent on Thursday.
Republicans in the House almost killed the subsidy, but senators just wanted it more.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced the new bill after her daughter nearly attended the deadly Las Vegas concert.
The fate of any legislation to rewrite Obamacare is uncertain.
Mitch McConnell faces a balancing act, but the opposition within GOP ranks may be soft.
John Thune is the most handsome man in the U.S. Senate. Square jawed, gleaming smile, cowboy tan, the 6’4” South Dakota Republican’s
"Where do I start?" one senator said when asked what the holdup was on health care negotiations.
But will all these members of Congress actually do anything to check Trump?