John Wayne Gacy

The infamous Gacy tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered dozens of young men and boys.
The "Amityville Horror" house is officially on the market.
DNA technology and computing power may have pushed missing persons cold cases to a tipping point.
The insanity defense, which dates back to ancient times, is a controversial defense option. In fact, not all 50 states allow an insanity defense, and several of those that do have rejected "not guilty by reason of insanity" in favor of the less-forgiving "guilty but insane."
After a Chicago-area haunted house drew criticism for featuring a room dedicated to local serial killer John Wayne Gacy, an
"If the media hadn’t made a big stink about it, I doubt anyone would even know about it," he said. "Someone who had to deal
Good news for folklore enthusiasts and legend trippers: Killer Legends, a smart, scary documentary I discussed when it was first aired back in February, is now available on DVD and iTunes.
Texas painter Sarah Hamilton recently took her love of cats and her fascination with serial killers and merged them into
In the '70s the U.S. experienced a frightening uptick in the number of active serial killers. In that decade, according to the serial killer information center at Radford University, there were 450 individual serial killers at work. Over the previous decade the number stood at 156.
Lab technicians analyzing the family DNA ruled out Steven Soden as a victim, according to state police in New Jersey. But
The Chicago Reader's Michael Miner posted a story on April 17 that provided a nice roundup of some of the issues in the still-unfolding case of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.
h/t: Chicagoist Schwiesow said he later learned — admittedly second-hand from a now-deceased officer in the department — that
If we choose as a society to ignore corruption, we inevitably leave ourselves open to falling into these same scenarios, over and over again.
The announcement by Chicago's Cook County Sheriff's Office with the go-ahead for a search at an apartment building on the city's northwest side should be welcome by families of the missing who have spent 35 years or more searching for their sons.