Jon Kyl

The report, authored by former Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), was commissioned in response to claims that the social media platform suppresses conservative views.
She will replace Jon Kyl after he resigns at the end of the year.
The state's GOP governor will need to name another replacement.
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is required to select a Republican replacement.
Making a couple new pals at a rock show doesn’t put a dent into the politically polarized United States of 2016. But it sure was a refreshing exhale.
Of all the accomplishments and disappointments of the Obama presidency, his nuclear weapons policy is the greatest. Yes, you
"NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams is being accused of embellishing his stories. But on Monday night's "Daily Show
On issue after issue, party leaders spew egregious factual falsehoods. They're doing so only secondarily because they are so often misinformed. Instead, their overriding goal is to appeal to what they understand to be the biases and prejudices of their evermore authoritarian base.
In a Nov. 12 Q&A with TIME published on Thursday, Cheney was asked about a variety of topics, from how the GOP handled its
Permitting Tea Party, left-wing, libertarian, middle-of-the-road -- whatever -- groups to define themselves as untaxed social welfare organizations that may accept unlimited, untaxed, secret corporate gifts and sponsor political ads is a sarcoma on democracy.
"This is an exciting opportunity to launch a new chapter in my career at one of the most prestigious firms in the world," Kyl
Dorgan says today that it's unfair to consider his amendment a deal-breaker. "I know the supporters called my amendment a
Seeking bipartisan support, President Obama today called for tighter controls on individual purchasing tactical nuclear weapons. The president asked Congress to approve a three-day waiting period prior to purchase, during which the individual would need to present evidence that he is not Iran or North Korea.
Asked whether she'd accept the higher level, Feinstein was quick to answer. "I could certainly live with it," she said. "No
Where, pray tell, does rocket-scientist DeMint think this money is spent? On Newt Gingrich's moon colony? Let me help him out. We just need him to concentrate for a moment, because this is a tough one, even for a rocket-scientist.
In their desire to rehabilitate their anti-immigrant image, Republican lawmakers have been scrambling to put forth immigration bills far short of anything comprehensive as initially called for by House Speaker Boehner.
Many in the Democratic party considered the 2012 vote a mandate for comprehensive immigration reform. But it's a heavy order