Jorge Ramos

In an interview with Jorge Ramos, the former vice president said it was a big mistake to have deported hundreds of thousands of people without criminal records.
Cory Booker was asked about his diet at Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate. Polling shows voters aren’t interested.
The Univision journalist did not let candidates evade questions on their immigration record at Thursday's debate.
Maduro's legitimacy as president has been called into question in recent weeks.
Univision's Jorge Ramos gets into it with Fox News host.
“I was raised to be an American and to give my duty and my respect to America."
The journalist finds in a new film that the GOP nominee has emboldened racists -- and warns it'll take years to repair the damage.
Three weeks ago, when I was briefly worried that Donald Trump could in fact be elected president, I began drafting a faux 'apology' to the clown prince of politics.
Gary Johnson and William Weld will take questions.
A Univision executive described the difference as "night and day."
Will the Republican Party awaken from what University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato calls its "Trumpmare? Will RNC Chairman Reince Priebus heed his own warning, given when the party released its autopsy of its overwhelming 2012 election defeat?
"I don't know what's in his heart, but I know what's coming out of his mouth."
At their core, teachers and journalists have something in common. They wield questions and seek truth. At their most courageous, they speak that truth to power, and inspire others to do the same.