Josh Powell

Susan Cox Powell has been missing since Dec. 7, 2009, when she failed to show up for her job as a stock broker at Wells Fargo
"[The girls] are allowing the Coxes to search there," Bremner said. "We don't know if Susan Cox Powell is alive or dead, but
The family of Susan Cox Powell is just one grappling with the devastating aftermath of the bizarre phenomenon of family annihilations in America, which often involve suicide by the killer dad.
There was certainly no shortage of homicides committed by mass shooters in 2012, with the final month of the year resulting
"You have undergone local and national scrutiny, have admitted your errors and have identified the ways you will correct
Hardman said when he learned of Susan Powell's disappearance, he told police about the conversation he allegedly had with
West Valley City police have declined to elaborate on the most recent development, but Chief Thayle Nielsen did tell the
The parents of missing Utah mom Susan Powell lashed out at her father-in-law in a TV interview, telling Fox, "I'm sure he
View Powell's psychological report, courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune. The Associated Press reports a spokesman for the Utah
With the plots next to the two boys unavailable, Powell's relatives selected a plot about 25 feet from the boys. News of
After the alleged attack, a fire engulfed the home. Powell and his children were killed in a gas-fueled explosion. Pastor
Authorities continue their search for the boys' mother, Susan Powell, who went missing in 2009. It is unclear where Powell
"This is the craziest thing, he looked right at me and closed the door," she told the 911 operator, whom she called when
A notoriously anti-gay church is threatening to picket Saturday's funeral for Charlie and Braden Powell and Occupy Seattle
When I put myself in Josh Powell's shoes, they don't fit. He said he couldn't live without his two young sons. Fine. Why couldn't he have just killed himself then?
Hindsight, they say, is 20-20. I can imagine the second-guessing and shattering waves of if-only experienced by the caring, competent people surrounding both of these cases.
American's are stunned by the horrific acts of Josh Powell. The accused murderer took his own life and the lives of his two beautiful sons Charles, 7, and Braden, 5 in a bloody inferno.
Authorities also said Powell had made thorough plans well ahead of the murders. Ultimately, Powell and both boys died of
He didn't mention Susan in the phone messages and emails he sent shortly before his death, media outlets said. The Utah cops