Joshua Hersh

Gregory Johnsen, a Yemen expert who served as the first Hastings fellow, recently led BuzzFeed to winning a prestigious Dirksen
As the Egyptian military cracks down on Muslim Brotherhood protests, the United States has called for restraint while condemning
Reliance on the AUMF is why a recent white paper outlining the Obama administration's understanding of its authority to kill
But this year's conference comes at a moment when bipartisan civility on the issue of Israel seems to be particularly strained
The murkiness of the issue has prompted at least one lawmaker, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), to write to Secretary of State
"Celebrating this as a wedge issue is about the worst possible outcome from the point of view of the vast majority of the
In his London appearance Monday morning, Kerry hinted that the Obama administration may be prepared to offer stepped-up support
In his October address, for instance, Nasrallah denounced specific claims that a top commander with Hezbollah had died in
"This is a clear sign of the regime's ongoing disregard for human life and its deliberate attempts to harm Syrians, for which
The U.S. spends less than 1 percent of the federal government's budget on foreign assistance programs -- a figure that is
"I think the president is entitled to an up-or-down, that is simple majority, vote on nominations both to his Cabinet and