Joshua Tree National Park

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Many parks were unstaffed after Congress and President Donald Trump failed to fund the government.
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California's iconic national park was subjected to acts of vandalism and destruction during the lapse in appropriations.
Dan Little tackled trashed bathrooms at Mt. Hood during the shutdown.
An image of one downed tree has gone viral online, provoking shock and anger.
Desire to protect hunter access appears to have more pull than concerns over trashed parks.
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California's iconic park was set to close temporarily on Thursday due to a lapse in appropriations caused by the partial government shutdown.
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The iconic California park has reportedly fallen to waste during the shutdown.
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“That has been a huge relief for me."
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This adventure, while absolutely amazing, is rarely the glossy experience portrayed on Instagram feeds.
Officials said the kids were not being held captive, but they did not have running water or electricity.
Joseph Orbeso and Rachel Nguyen were missing for three months.
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The couple, missing since July, may have been lost in Joshua Tree National Park with no water.
One of the benefits to living in California is the abundance of beautiful parks, mountains and scenery. If you’re a hiking
In Joshua Tree, there are more art galleries than gas stations. If you crave a Starbuck’s latte or Del Taco burrito you must
It's difficult to measure all of the positives that can come from just one visit to a U.S. National Park.
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