The legislation would require big tech companies to pay a “journalism usage fee.”
Tolly Taylor got some notes for his chilling story about J’den McAdory, who has routinely taken his rifle to a Maryland bus stop to protest gun restrictions.
“I was actually in the hallway when the gunman opened fire," said Joylyn Bukovac of the 2010 incident. “As a mom, I am worried for the future.”
Court documents offer evidence that Fox is as ethically bankrupt as you thought.
Other proposed legislation in the state would make it far easier to sue the news media for defamation.
Under a new tweeted AP Stylebook guideline, the French Embassy worried that it would now have to refer to itself as the "Embassy of Frenchness in the U.S."
Benjamin Hall returned to the air for the first time since the March explosion that killed two of his colleagues.
Walters, a former "ABC Evening News" co-anchor whose career lasted over 50 years, died at the age of 93 on Friday.
The longtime TV newsman gave his audience a cold hard fact about journalism in his final broadcast.
CNN correspondent Donie O'Sullivan said he could tweet again if he takes down a tweet about @ElonJet, something he said he isn’t planning to do.