A volcanic eruption in Spain, a skier taking a tumble and Macaque monkeys climbing on a photographer are featured in some of this week's most memorable images.
The star anchor said he understands why he had to leave the network and that he never meant to "compromise" his colleagues.
A partial lunar eclipse, flooding in Canada and migrants at the Belarus-Poland border are featured in some of this week's most memorable images.
Donald Trump's "letter to the editor" was crammed full of nonsense, but the newspaper published it anyway,
Detroit's Victor Williams casually delivered his report about a new skatepark in the coolest way possible.
The 31-year-old journalist helps her audience make sense of the impact of colonization, history and climate change on Puerto Rico.
They say if you’re going through hell to keep going.
Benjamin Dagley, 54, was taken into custody outside of a shopping plaza in Dayton, Ohio.
The "Today" co-host suggested critics "try and keep up" after footage of him being pummeled by Hurricane Ida prompted concerns for his safety.
The tentative agreement includes raises of 10% for most staffers. "These gains are the direct result of collective action," the union said.
Walter Hussman, whose $25 million donation resulted in his name on the school, said the journalist didn't meet his standards of objectivity, The Assembly reported.
In the wake of the 22-year-old journalist's firing for her pro-Palestinian activism in college, employees are asking for "transparency" from the news outlet.
A "lot of people looked up to" the young reporter, and he inspired an interest in journalism in others, said his sister.
The NewsGuild union says disparities tend to be smaller at newspapers that have long been unionized.
The Fox News performer-slash-pundit said that U.S. journalists are "cringing animals."
Amid financial struggles stemming from COVID-19, Kansas City's Northeast News came up with a bold strategy to garner more support from its community.
Facebook’s cooperation is a major victory in Australian efforts to make the gateways to the Internet pay for the journalism that they use.
Adel Al-Hasani has investigated his country's crisis for the BBC, CNN and Vice. Allies of the United Arab Emirates have imprisoned him for nearly six months.
Trump's last days, historic inauguration fireworks and a pricey Rembrandt round out this week's best images.
"The job was unrelentingly weird," journalist Daniel Dale wrote of the gig.