Joy Reid

“If you think it’s racist and fascist out here now, oh, just wait until all of Trump’s monsters are unleashed," warned the MSNBC anchor.
"The ReidOut" anchor listed many scathing things that the GOP is — and one thing it most definitely isn’t.
"I can’t believe I have to explain this to adults," the MSNBC anchor said of the Fox News personality's "victim status envy."
"The ReidOut" supercut lays bare the “lovefest” between the “Republican castrati” and “their beautiful leader."
“Oh, honey, honey. Tuckums. Is this really about me fixating on race, or is it about you fixating on race?” the MSNBC anchor asked the Fox News personality.
"We now know that the male version of a Karen with 911 on speed dial ... should, from this day on, be called a ‘Tucker,'" the MSNBC anchor said.
The MSNBC anchor likened the “blizzard of lies” to a Fox News cold open, a Trump tweetstorm and “the kind of right-wing TV show” mainlined by the GOP base.
"There was not any truth in it at all, and if you listen carefully, he doesn’t actually concede the election."
"I guarantee you if that was a Black Lives Matter protest in D.C., there would already be people shackled, arrested or dead," said the MSNBC host.
"The grift is on, baby," warned Michael Steele.