Joy Reid

The MSNBC personality got a reaction out of Joy Reid while analyzing Republican perceptions of the Democratic president.
"We begin with the continued cleanup on aisle five at CNN," said the MSNBC host after this week's widely criticized broadcast.
“We are all literally on a Russian roulette lottery, just waiting for it to be our turn to run screaming from gunfire,” said “The ReidOut” host.
“This is the completion of the insurrection," Reid said of Greene's assignments to House committees.
The MSNBC host grilled the Black Republican on his qualifications for speaker and it got awkward.
The Trump-endorsed GOP candidate bragged about debating Reid "any day of the week" but has gone silent since she responded.
Reid slammed the "simplistic fairytale interpretation" of the holiday and criticized book-banning efforts during her show on Wednesday.
“If you think it’s racist and fascist out here now, oh, just wait until all of Trump’s monsters are unleashed," warned the MSNBC anchor.
"The ReidOut" anchor listed many scathing things that the GOP is — and one thing it most definitely isn’t.
"I can’t believe I have to explain this to adults," the MSNBC anchor said of the Fox News personality's "victim status envy."