Juan Williams

And the "facts say Trump tried to stage a coup," declared the Fox News' analyst.
"Scam alert!" the Fox pundit began a scathing essay that took apart the fundraising ecosystem surrounding the ex-president.
The Fox News political analyst says the ex-president, still popular among Republicans, embodies the party's descent "into farce."
“People who love America need to face this threat to democracy and act with urgency," warned political analyst Juan Williams.
The Fox News political analyst blasted the GOP in a Memorial Day essay to remember.
The liberal-leaning co-host announced at the end of the broadcast that it was his last day on the show but not at the network.
Fox News' Juan Williams asked his co-host whether the 2020 election was stolen, and the bickering began.
A dissenting voice of the right-wing network warned Republicans of their "losing bet" on the disgraced former president.
“These stories are false, but the right-wing echo chamber starts going crazy because you can go after a Democrat," said Juan Williams.
The Fox News personality repeatedly yelled “got it" and then emitted a weird, high-pitched cackle.
The former president will be remembered for his "jealous rage" and "greatest failure," the political analyst wrote.
Fox News cut off a trial manager, as he was providing video evidence giving an inside look at the violence at the Capitol during Trump's impeachment trial.
“You don’t want to deal with the news!” Williams shouted after "The Five" segment devolved into a yelling match.
“I’m not great but I’m not dying or anything,” said the co-host of "The Five."
Dagen McDowell ended a discussion about the New York congresswoman by saying, "Beauty fades, stupid is forever."
The Fox News host got into a hyperbolic shouting match with Juan Williams.
Women do. According to Emmy Award-winning political analyst, Juan Williams, not just any women: independent, suburban, middle-aged woman do.
Even without Beckel, "The Five" has continued winning in the ratings, seeing an 8 percent jump in total viewership since
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