Julián Castro

The plan is the only comprehensive and detailed animal welfare plan released by any of the presidential candidates.
The ad will air throughout the day on Fox News in Bedminster, New Jersey, where Trump is spending the week at his private golf course.
"Trump has made hate and bigotry and division a political strategy,” Julián Castro said at an UnidosUS event where Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and more also spoke.
The president is "sad," "angry" about two deadly mass shootings within 24 hours, his acting chief of staff said.
The former Obama housing chief clarified his stance on the ex-president's immigration policy after clashing with Joe Biden over Obama-era deportations.
While speaking at the AFSCME forum in Las Vegas, Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro defended the Obama administration’s actions on immigration reform, saying they improved over time.
The 2020 Democratic candidate highlighted the huge disparities that Native Americans face in health and economic opportunity.
The Democratic presidential candidate also explained to "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert why he doesn't hesitate to call President Donald Trump a racist.
“I don’t believe in criminalizing desperation,” the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate said.
Julián Castro is facing backlash from some other Obama administration alums over his calls to repeal the law Trump has used to split up families at the border.
The Democratic presidential candidate also explained why Trump was actually "deadset" on making conditions worse.
It’s a far cry from open borders. But it could transform immigration enforcement.
White House contenders deride him for staging a publicity stunt with little to show for it -- other than aiding a dictator.
Voters have strong opinions on how candidates performed in the first two Democratic debates.
A growing number of party leaders want to overturn the decades-old law that Trump used to split up families at the border.
The #AdiósTrump hashtag trended in praise of the former Housing and Urban Development secretary.
Things stayed peaceful, Warren shut down some Sanders criticism, Castro shone and Trump got off easy.
The San Antonio politician is on a mission to repeal the law Trump used to systematically separate families — and he wants the field to get behind him.
The 2020 presidential candidate gave a more inclusive answer to a question on reproductive rights on the first night of the Democratic debates.
The Democratic presidential candidate wants to repeal a decades-old law put forth by a famed segregationist.