Julián Castro

“It is baffling and disappointing that President Biden himself has not clearly and forcefully spoken out," said former Cabinet member Julián Castro.
Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro paid tribute to his "warm, loving" stepmom on Twitter.
Former Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Derek Eadon’s experience with a rare nerve disease turned him into an evangelist for "Medicare for All."
Castro, who quit the Democratic race this month, said Warren is "unafraid to fight like hell to make sure America’s promise will be there for everyone."
Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro has ended his bid for the White House.
The Democratic hopeful let go of his presidential aspirations for now.
The Democratic presidential candidate unveiled his plan to end child hunger, help feed people in poverty and fix food deserts.
Democrats Julián Castro, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and more raised awareness for Latina Equal Pay Day.
"We believe that everyone has dignity and is worth investing in," the Democratic presidential candidate told HuffPost.
The Center for Popular Democracy Action aims to mobilize working-class Black and Latinx voters.