Justin Trudeau

Amid the Justin Trudeau blackface controversy, "The Daily Show" host has decided white people clearly just don’t know how to use makeup responsibly.
The scandal has thrown Canada, and its upcoming election, into the spotlight, challenging Trudeau’s famous reputation as an inclusive, progressive leader.
The Canadian prime minister, currently running for re-election, has apologized for a similar image that surfaced.
Time magazine published a photo of the Canadian prime minister in brownface at a 2001 party. The Liberal Party of Canada confirmed it was him.
"I mean, the poor guy has the self-esteem of a small pigeon," the former White House communications director said.
The host zinged the president's cozy pen pal correspondence with the North Korean dictator and his Sharpie-written letters to Justin Trudeau.
Kim Jong Un and Justin Trudeau also appear in the new Trump-trolling video -- as does the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump.
President Donald Trump said last week that he was considering hosting the Toronto Raptors. But Green said his team would likely rebuff the invitation.
The U.S. House speaker handed the Canadian prime minister a hefty gift basket to settle their wager over the NBA Finals.
How would he make his decision? "My gut," Trump told legislators.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in attendance at the celebration for the NBA champions when the shots rang out near Nathan Phillips Square.
Plastic bags, straws, stirrers and plates may be outlawed in less than two years.
Two high-profile women ministers in Trudeau’s Cabinet recently resigned, and his top aide and best friend quit too.
Asia Bibi spent eight years on death row in Pakistan on blasphemy charges
The Canadian prime minister was confronted by a man who claimed Muslims "want to kill us."
Articulate vs. inarticulate is a match made for our amusement.
Trump joined Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and outgoing Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto at a signing ceremony at the G-20 summit.
"It’s not just the right thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do," the Canadian prime minister said.
The Canadian prime minister's comments were the first acknowledgment by a Western nation that it had received the audio recordings.
Two children's joy as flurries fly draws the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.