Justin Trudeau

"It’s nice when the Americans are not pulling out all the references to climate change and instead adding them in," said the Canadian prime minister.
Global leaders, including U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, condemned the violent scenes in the U.S. Capitol and urged Americans to uphold democracy.
The country will receive up to 249,000 doses this month as Canadian officials expect to administer them within days.
The Canadian prime minister spoke with Biden about COVID-19, racial inequality and all the challenges ahead for North America.
Trudeau denounced "right-wing extremism, white supremacy and racism in all its forms," while other politicians highlighted branches of the Proud Boys in Canada.
The Canadian prime minister argued in a U.N. speech that COVID-19 is a "wake-up call" that current global systems simply don't work anymore.
Andrew Scheer says he understands why some Canadians are “confused” by the PM’s actions.
Canada's prime minister performed the symbolic gesture on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
People are trying to understand the significance of the Canadian prime minister's delayed response.
The Atlantic's supercut compares Donald Trump's comments on the coronavirus outbreak to those of his counterparts worldwide.