Kamala Harris

The change would have a huge impact on the roughly 20% of Americans who report having medical debt.
The Democratic lawmaker may have outdone Nancy Pelosi in his noncommittal answer to being asked about Harris as Biden's 2024 running mate.
Harris dropped a big prediction about the 2024 election after CBS's Margaret Brennan questioned her about national polls.
"This will further isolate them," the vice president said of the leaders of Russia and North Korea.
Vice President Harris told CBS' Margaret Brennan that President Biden is sharp as ever but she'd be prepared to take office "if necessary."
“I believe that people should be held accountable under the law. And when they break the law, there should be accountability," said the vice president.
Harris explained why she's "always concerned" about voters' opportunity to cast a ballot before appearing to torch Republicans in an MSNBC interview.
“No one is arguing slaves benefited from slavery," the Fox News host claimed. The state curriculum says slavery gave people skills with a "personal benefit.”
The vice president made a last-minute trip to DeSantis' home turf, where she criticized his administration for seeking to "replace history with lies."
The Fox News host reportedly made a remark questioning the vice president's gender.