Kamala Harris

A conversation about a college student's fear of gun violence turned into a powerful quote that became a tattoo.
“Of all the things, why that?” Harris was asked.
When Sens. Warren and Klobuchar clashed at the Democratic debate, it felt rather ordinary. And that’s exactly why it matters.
“People need to keep their hands off of women’s bodies and let women make the decisions about their lives," Harris said at the Democratic presidential debate.
Three white candidates are dominating the Democratic presidential primary while Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Julián Castro struggle.
“Dude gotta go,” said the Democratic presidential candidate.
"You wouldn't know a joke if one raised you," snapped the senator.
Sean Newaldass said he thought the California senator was fictional, but now he plans to vote for her.
Advocates hope this will finally get candidates talking about a key economic and health policy.
The Massachusetts senator is picking up steam in the Golden State as home-state Sen. Kamala Harris' polling numbers tumble.
The senator and congresswoman want to invest in more affordable housing ― a dire need in their home state of California.
The 2020 Democratic candidate told CNN's Anderson Cooper that Trump's "irresponsible" words "could result in harm to other people."
And Woody Harrelson's Joe Biden soothes: “Daddy’s here, America. I see you, I hear you, I sniff you, and I hug you from behind.”
The California lawmaker counts both Warren and Kamala Harris, her home-state senator, as mentors.
The presidential hopeful wrote that we must "get to work holding our leaders accountable" in the wake of a new sexual misconduct claim against the Supreme Court justice.
The senator's letter to the inspector general specifically calls out Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
Elizabeth Warren decried the killings this year of 18 trans women of color, Cory Booker said it's time for a "woke president" on LGBTQ issues.
Harris’ campaign said they’re aiming for a “top three” finish in the state.