Kamala Harris

A woman claiming to be Maria Fernanda from Univision and said she voted for Harris has prompted a White House investigation.
The vice president's comment drew a strong rebuke from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Bracing for political trouble, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer warned Democratic colleagues that June will “test our resolve.”
The vice president's plane had only been in the air for 30 minutes when the issue occurred.
The vice president will work with corporations and civil rights groups to battle GOP efforts to restrict voting.
The Texas Republican's own "run away" moment came back to haunt him.
The late-night host points to the obvious flaw in Haley's attack on Vice President Kamala Harris.
In a speech in Tulsa, the president gently called out two Democratic senators who have opposed eliminating the filibuster.
The former governor of South Carolina dragged the vice president for not honoring the troops on Twitter — only to do the same thing herself.
The vice president, the first woman to deliver the commencement speech at the Naval Academy, spoke with Sydney Barber, the first Black woman brigade commander.