The former vice president took 77% of the vote.
The ruling by a federal appeals court panel dealt a blow to efforts by Republicans in several states to enact restrictive voting laws.
Gov. Laura Kelly claims a Republican council doesn't have the authority to revoke her executive order prohibiting faith gatherings of over 10 people.
Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres Tuesday, the 11-time Emmy winner blasted the president's inaccurate praise for the Super Bowl champions.
The president quickly deleted his geographically muddled tweet, but screenshots live forever.
Kansas player Silvio De Sousa, now suspended indefinitely, was poised to hit someone with a stool.
The state would be the 39th jurisdiction to expand Medicaid to low-income adults using funding under the Affordable Care Act.
The Secretary of State reportedly said he wants to remain in the Trump administration amid escalating tensions with Iran.
Kansas police chief calls the incident a "black eye" on law enforcement.
The Kansas City Star’s editorial board told the secretary of state to do his job or pick a new one.