Karl Rove

Full Segment:California officials have widened an investigation into the source of $11 million that was mysteriously funneled into the 2012 campaign by a few nonprofit groups.
Trump said the materials would have been returned to authorities if requested — but Rove suggested "they were asking for a year and a half."
The GOP strategist said Trump should spend some of his $120 million war chest to help the stumbling Republican Senate candidates he endorsed.
The former president, who launched a "war on terror" in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, called for welcoming refugees "without bureaucratic delay."
Ex-President Donald Trump is trying to cancel fellow Republican Karl Rove.
The former president was apparently triggered by a Wall Street Journal column.
"If you believe that the Jews control a space laser that starts fires," you should not be on the House education committee, the GOP strategist said.
Giuliani's apparent defense — that Trump didn't incite insurrection because the presidential election was rigged — isn't going to work, Rove told Chris Wallace.
The veteran GOP strategist called the advice given to Trump by the lawyer and the former national security adviser "idiotic" and "unbelievable."
"In the long run, he's not helping himself or the country," the GOP strategist warns.