Kathleen Falk

Democrat Mary Burke won Wisconsin's primary for governor Tuesday, easily defeating state Rep. Brett Hulsey (D) and becoming
Mayor Barrett is a strong standard-bearer for all Wisconsinites who have seen their rights trampled and their livelihoods
Below, a live blog collaboration between Patch and HuffPost Politics on the latest developments to unfold in Wisconsin. Milwaukee
This story has been updated. June will be a rematch between Barrett and Walker. In 2010, Barrett lost the gubernatorial race
The unusual rules of Tuesday's historic recall primary election are creating some confusion among voters throughout southeastern
While the union fight spurred the recall, the campaign has been much broader and focused largely on Wisconsin's economy. Though
The same poll showed that if Barrett gets a rematch with Walker in the recall vote, they are in a virtual tie among registered
Read more on Wauwatosa Patch She sought and won the endorsements or recommendations of a slew of labor organizations, including
Graph by The Huffington Post: But it's Walker, not the four Democratic candidates, who is pulling in the most money from
Walker's list of $10,000-plus out-of-state donors, who gave a total of $1.89 million, consists of some of the biggest donors
On Saturday, the four Wisconsin Democrats vying for the party's gubernatorial nomination spoke at the Wisconsin Democratic
The two main Democrats vying to represent their party in Wisconsin’s June 5 recall election share a dubious distinction. Tom
"The voters of Wisconsin know Tom Barrett is the best and strongest candidate to defeat Scott Walker, and people continue
The Democratic race to take on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in a June 5 recall election is on in the Badger State. Below, a
From taxes to health care to collective bargaining, six candidates seeking to unseat Gov. Scott Walker in the recall election
Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk - the two top Democratic candidates vying for governor in the upcoming recall elections - will
"In the past, lawyers could clog up the legal system," Walker said. "Instead, the state Department of Workforce Development
No public official should have to stop and think about pay equity. It's the right thing to do. And it's the smart thing to do. When women do not get paid fairly, we all suffer.
There are four Democratic candidates competing in the May primary. Barrett and Falk are considered the two frontrunners, with
“This election is critically important for labor, and we believe Tom is the most electable candidate in the field,” Local