Kathleen Sebelius

An AP report found agencies responding to the coronavirus pandemic waited far too late to bulk order essential medical equipment for health professionals.
One day after the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act, an Aspen Ideas Festival Spotlight Health panel of former politicians and administration officials agreed that a lot more work lies ahead -- in terms of further implementation, improving health care quality and especially the politics.
I hope we have improved our healthcare system significantly by that date. I hope the for-profit healthcare industry has gone the way of the Edsel. But whatever system we have, it will need to be called something. I like "Americare."
The July 22 decision of a divided three-judge DC Federal Circuit Court panel invalidating the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) premium tax credits for anyone purchasing insurance on a Federal Exchange proves that you can "just make this stuff up."
HuffPost's Sam Stein and Jeffrey Young invite their fellow healthcare reporters to join in a roundtable discussion about Obamacare. In this clip, they talk about the faulty website, healthcare.gov.
How Obama reacts to both the "outing" of the C.I.A. station chief in Afghanistan and the ongoing problems at the Veterans Administration will wind up reflecting on his presidential legacy, for better or worse.
After a year when Washington dysfunction and Congressional inaction hit new heights, finding fertile ground for jokes was more difficult. At least the president knew the room and knew the crowd. Which helped his standup standout once again.