Kelly Thomas

Instead of pandering and trying to connect the murder to a lack of "comprehensive immigration reform," it would be fitting if Ms. Harris would accept the simple truth that Lopez-Sanchez should not have been in the US -- and then try to figure out solutions to avoid any more senseless murders.
There have been too many funerals of late, too many funerals for people of color and people with mental illness.
We need much more humane tactics in dealing not only with unarmed, young men, particularly those of color; we also need much more humane tactics in dealing with the mentally ill.
These are only a few examples of the force employed by police officers across the country. Some experts contend that police
Overall, I am heartened by the improvements in recent years that I have seen in public policy and media coverage of mental illness. But there is still a great deal of stigma against the mentally ill.
In the Dylan-esque style of folk punk rock, McPherson succinctly captures the anger and emotion felt by those who most closely followed the case to its bitter end.
Prosecutors had their day in court with Ramos and Cicinelli. They had all of the resources of the state behind them and failed to obtain a conviction. As bitter as that result is for civil libertarians, supporting the federal government in going after them again is even worse.
Cathy Thomas testified in tears that she had taken out a restraining order against her son after he choked her for several
Federal investigators may reenter the case of Kelly Thomas, 37, a mentally ill homeless man, who died following a violent 2011 videotaped confrontation with police, after two former Fullerton, CA officers were acquitted on all state charges late Monday.
By continuing to not critically analyze the failure of our national drug policy and how it impacts the mentally ill and our homeless population, we invite other incidents such as this -- this is simply a more extreme example of what happens on the streets every day.
After the upheaval in Fullerton resulting from the sickening and senseless brutalization of Kelly Thomas, the residents of Fullerton deserve justice as a way of life.
Don't tell the good people of Fullerton, California that "you can't fight City Hall." Not only did they fight City Hall, they changed it.
A Slidebar manager called Fullerton police and I heard her report that Kelly Thomas was in the parking lot breaking into
FULLERTON, Calif. (KTLA) -- A former employee of a Fullerton bar has filed a lawsuit claiming that a manager falsely reported
What happened in that bus depot parking lot? Can we learn anything from the death of KellyThomas? Why should we care about the death of one homeless person?
The officers involved in the altercation surround him, discussing what had just happened. THE DETAILS OF THE CASE Officer
"Video is making victims more credible," says Diop Kamau, CEO of and a former Hawthorne Police Sergeant Detective
Since when do we need six policemen to arrest and beat a mentally ill homeless man, who was not armed and who had a reputation as a peaceful presence on the streets of Fullerton?
Sometimes it seemed like our world was about to end in 2011. Riot squads and protestors faced off in the streets. Santa Ana
With five kids, it was a challenge for two of us, with never enough attention to go around. With her gone, there's even less, so I do as much as I can. Maybe too much. Too much for them, and I wonder should I be pushing them more from the nest?