Ken Cuccinelli

Ken Cuccinelli is defending the administration’s refusal to grant Bahamians temporary protected status after Hurricane Dorian devastated the islands.
"I think that if you had proof that the president was right, you’d be giving it to me right now, Ken," the CNN host told Trump official Ken Cuccinelli.
John Lafferty, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services asylum division chief, has reportedly been “pushed out” by Ken Cuccinelli, the agency's hard-line acting director.
The Montana governor and Democratic presidential candidate slammed Ken Cuccinelli for championing the administration's "public charge" policy.
She slammed acting US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli’s comments as "un-American."
Ken Cuccinelli said the famous poem inscribed in the moment is about “people coming from Europe.”
Trump's citizenship and immigration chief followed up his earlier comments about the famous Emma Lazarus poem with a racist clarification.
The Trump official defended new immigration restrictions by suggesting a rephrasing of Lazarus' Statue of Liberty poem "The New Colossus."
Ken Cuccinelli suggested new wording for the Statue of Liberty to defend a controversial rule restricting legal immigration.
“Under this rule, children will go hungry; families will go without medical care," Letitia James said of the new "public charge" policy.
A reporter asked Ken Cuccinelli if the sentiments expressed on the statue's plaque are "still operative in the United States."
President Donald Trump and his administration has now made it harder for immigrants to apply for green cards and visas
The rule change is one of the most aggressive efforts by the Trump administration to restrict legal immigration.
Ken Cuccinelli was pressed by CNN host Jake Tapper but refused to offer any assurance that families would avoid separation during Sunday's raids.
"I mean, they're being fed," said Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of the Citizenship and Immigration Services office.
Óscar Alberto Martínez and his 23-month-old daughter died while trying to seek asylum in the United States.
Cuccinelli, a former attorney general of Virginia, took up the mantle of acting director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on Monday.
The former attorney general of Virginia is known as an immigration hardliner.