The vice president shared the anecdote about American Pharoah during a Baltimore policy retreat, but not everyone's buying it.
The Rev. Jonathan Carl said he was the victim of a "drive-by tweet" from the president that was actually meant for a reporter.
Just a couple hundred people turned out for the event meant to help Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R).
Mitch McConnell told a Kentucky radio station that Trump called him Thursday morning and they discussed several ideas.
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) caused controversy after his team tweeted out a faux graveyard filled with names of his opponents.
Boosting turnout in Kentucky's blue cities may be Democrats' only chance to unseat the unpopular Senate leader.
Farmer and military veteran Mike Broihier announced his bid to unseat the powerful Senate majority leader.
The Democrat challenging Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell walked back comments she made earlier in the day about the Supreme Court justice.
These state or local programs are becoming popular because they build connections between rural and urban residents in a divisive political climate.
Officials worry that the runoff whiskey could cause environmental damage.
Even Mitch MConnell, from the big tobacco growing state of Kentucky, has pushed for a federal bill to do the same.
The attorney general ran as a courtroom warrior capable of defeating Republican Gov. Matt Bevin.
Battered by budget cuts and pension changes, some Kentucky educators hope to change the system from within.
A lawyer says another horse crowded Maximum Security and may have clipped him, forcing the initial winner to "jump out of the way."
A trial date was set for the former Kentucky middle school teacher, who also allegedly flipped the bird at another student.
“We were stunned, shocked and in complete disbelief," Gary West said of his horse's disqualification.
Maximum Security's controversial loss to Country House has earned its own internet fame.
Second-place horse, 65-1 longshot Country House, grabs victory after judges rule Maximum Security impeded other horses during the race.
There were plenty of feathers, flowers and even a few plush horses.
The executive chef at Churchill Downs explains how he and his team make juleps for the 400,000 people who come through their gates.