Kermit Gosnell

A new anti-abortion propaganda film about a criminal abortion provider exploits women's pain and endangers my patients.
A Philadelphia abortion doctor already sentenced to life in prison for killing three infants during late-term abortions was
Francis Maier, special assistant to Chaput, said that he doesn’t know whether or not a service would include a Catholic Mass
Stephen Massof said he went to work when he needed "a fallback plan" after stints in laboratory research, medical school
"What changed people's mind over slavery? What changed their minds over the tragedy in Eastern Europe, the horror in Eastern
Anti-choice activists are exploiting the Gosnell trial to push for laws that close abortion clinics and otherwise limit access to choice. But that is exactly the wrong reaction. The horrific conditions at Gosnell's clinic show just how important it is to have real reproductive choice.
Prosecutors continued to refrain from commenting on the case, citing a gag order that is expected to be lifted Wednesday
After the verdict, they were even more confident. Public opinion stalemate A Gallup Poll taken weeks into the Gosnell trial
Reid said that women's health and safety should be the number one concern of people on both sides of the debate. "I think
Saporta added that abortion is still the safest medical procedure in the country, and that the Gosnell case wasn't a justification
If we are truly pro-life, we will pray that the jury grants Gosnell life in prison.
More from the Associated Press: Four former clinic employees have pleaded guilty to murder and four more to other charges
A Philadelphia jury has reached a verdict in the trial of abortion provider Dr. Kermit Gosnell, ABC News reports. The jury
He also faces racketeering and conspiracy charges, and hundreds of counts alleging he performed illegal, third-trimester
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Gosnell is also charged with third-degree murder in the overdose death of a 41-year-old patient from
"So I think we have to ask, where is NARAL, where is NOW, where is Mrs. Barbara Boxer standing up for poor minority women
Fox News Links Obama's Planned Parenthood Speech With Gosnell's Murder Case
The inspections noted by Quigley were performed last summer by the Virginia Department of Health to monitor the clinics' implementation
(h/t Media Matters) Since last week's outcry, there seems to be a spike in coverage about the trial, which entered its fifth