William Null, his twin brother Michael Null, and Eric Molitor were found not guilty of providing support for a terrorist act and a weapon charge.
Jacob Wilhoit allegedly lured the woman into a van outside an Arizona car dealership by pretending to be an Uber driver.
Authorities say a man who posed as an undercover police officer kidnapped a woman in Seattle, drove her hundreds of miles to his home in Oregon, and kept her makeshift cell from which she eventually escaped and found help.
The person called police, and Steven Robert Sablan, 61, is now facing charges.
A Texas couple has been jailed on aggravated kidnapping charges.
Portuguese police say they'll resume searching for Madeleine McCann, the British toddler who disappeared in the Algarve region in 2007, in the next few days.
Owen Burns says he was “freaking out” when he reached for his slingshot after hearing his sister scream as she was allegedly being abducted.
The reserve offensive lineman will make his initial court appearance in Ohio on rape and kidnapping charges next month.
The backup offensive lineman, Josh Sills, has been indicted on rape and kidnapping charges.
A suspect was arrested in the early-morning attack in Auburn, Washington, after video of the attempted abduction went viral.